C1 – Art under microscope 🗓 🗺

C1 – “Art under microscope”  Italy, January 2018


Italy Short-term joint staff training event:  “Art under microscope”: Presentation of microscope images made by teachers and students in all partner schools, Art exhibition of microscopic structures. Develop co-teaching professional learning materials and streamlined workshops.

In an effort to implement recent major recommendations we will try to develop a co-teaching professional development program to teach science in an integrated and inquiry- focused way so that students understand science and mathematics in a real world context.

One of the activities that are planned to be performed is making periodic table of spectra that would further use in regular classes. This colorful Periodic Table of Spectra is a wonderful teaching aid and a great complement to your current periodic table as it graphically shows the student the uniqueness of the spectrum of each element.

The Periodic Table of Spectra presents an opportunity to discuss the emission and absorption spectra that form the basis of spectroscopy, which uses spectra to provide information about the structure and the composition of a substance or an object. For example, astronomers use emission and absorption spectra to determine the composition of stars and interstellar matter and forensic investigators sometimes use spectra to identify the composition of evidence found at the scene of a crime.

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