SOU Gimnazija Koco Racin – Veles

SOU Gimnazija Koco Racin – Veles is a general secondary school that was established in 1857 and is located in the center of our town. It is a public educational institution that offers general education to students at the age between 14 and 18. There are more than 700 students, out of which 120 are of Albanian nationality and are taught on their mother tongue, the rest attend classes in Macedonian language.
The composition of students in our school is different, besides the nationality of Macedonians and Albanians, there are Turks, Roma, Serbs etc., and the social background of the students is different. Most of them are from the town, but there are also students who live in the rural areas in nearby villages.
Since this school is a gymnasium, the subjects that are taught in the first two years of education are compulsory, and in the last two years they choose one of the educational areas depending on their preferences and future education. Namely, there is mathematical area, humanities and social disciplines or languages. The national curriculum for gymnasium education offers students elective subjects which would improve their knowledge in well known areas as well as preparing them for their further education.
There are 68 highly qualified teachers in different subjects who strive to educate and motivate students to acquire quality knowledge and expend their skills and competences. Most of them are motivated to participate in national and international projects and are willing to expand their areas of expertise. The daily work with students enables them to evaluate the current situation and work regularly with students to raise awareness of the society issues, and prepare them as young educated people to be ready to cope with the challenges of everyday life.
Students with their mentor teachers participate on local, regional and state competitions in various subjects. We try to increase their self-esteem and validate the efforts they put in the process of studying. As a secondary school we have best results on the national State mature examinations, among 3 other schools in the municipality, according to the official data announced by the Ministry of Education. This proves the unselfish efforts by the teachers and the quality of the students’ knowledge.
SOU Gimnazija Koco Racin works hard to improve the process of education, to establish better communication in the classroom, open and tolerant relationships with students, to implement new innovative methodology and tools in the process of teaching, to become an international school in terms of offering education to students who would become European citizens aware of the diversities, confident and ready to actively participate in the society.
We have been actively cooperating with external parties, like closely collaborating with the municipality and the local community. We have invited parents to participate in the creation of the curricula and to occasionally teach students about their field of expertise. Also for the needs of a successful realization of the curricula various professionals are being invited to give lectures to students and share their knowledge and experience. As external partners we have the Peace Corps volunteers who help students understand the English language better in terms of speaking and listening to the authentic language they use.