I.I.S.S. ERASMO DA ROTTERDAM is a high school and there are about 1100 students. There are four curriculum addresses: scientific, linguistic, economic and technological (construction, environment and territory). Most of our students come from the south area of Turin and neighboring municipalities. So this is the periphery of the metropolitan and industrial area of Turin which has always been strongly linked to the mechanical industry. The school has always been and still is, with the help of local institutions, a place of major aggregation to fight against drop-out and to promote values such as respect, mutual assistance, the acceptance of differences, the meaning of citizenship, respect for the environment and civic sense. All these actions are achieved through the use of good practices which can be taken as model to be generalized or applied to any contexts: cooperative learning, holistic learning, e-learning, laboratory tuition with ICT. The school has also quality system: Globe certification N.929 UNIEN ISO 9001-2008 and MARCHIO SAPERI.  Nichelino area of Turin about 30 years ago has consistently played a key role in the promotion of cultural activities. It joined a number of current or past projects led by the local Municipality or associations to promote actions aimed at increasing participation of students from less affluent social backgrounds. The Institute is in close cooperation with local lower secondary schools organizing events aimed at giving young students guidance for their future study promoting general educational activities. The range and breath of modern foreign languages provision is exemplary thanks to a dynamic group of L2 teachers (English, French, Spanish, German) who are able to promote activities of all kinds: certifications, drama, study abroad, collaboration with science teacher, history teacher using foreign language. Their motivation is reinforced with periodical training courses and exchanges with colleagues from other institution/countries. This enables them to make a direct comparison of teaching methods, strategies and of the IT tools needed to effectively implement them. The school is also very attentive to the results that students obtained in mathematics. Indeed, currently students of second classes follow a reinforcement project that uses a multimedia platform to increase their level but also their desire to learn. So the persons who will be involved in this project have skills not only in teaching but also in using computer and in foreign language.