newWERD Promotional Text

“NewWERD New Way of Educational Research and Development” – a new project of the Gymnasium Koco Racin, approved in the key action Strategic Partnerships for the Exchange of Good Practices


According with the priorities set by the European Commission and the needs of teachers for new approaches in the study of mathematics and natural sciences, the newWERD project (New way of educational research and development) was approved in the Erasmus + program in Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership for Exchange theGood Practices of the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility.

The Strategic Partnership is between four schools, the Gymnasium Koco Racin-Veles  as an applicant organization and three partner schools from Romania, Italy and Portugal. The project will be implemented in a period of two years, starting on September 1, 2017, and the main goal is students to develop the so-called. “STEM skills” (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

For the professions of future are needeed  knowledge and skills such as digital skills, critical thinking, collaboration, team spirit, innovative and analytical thinking. Individual competences in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are becoming more important to the future-based professions, which are based on high technology. Therefore education requires innovative approaches.

STEM is much more than grouping subject areas. It is a movement that needs to develop deep mathematical and scientific basics among students, which should be competitive for the workforce in the 21st century.

The project addresses specific priorities aimed at strengthening the profile of the teacher’s profession, dealing with complex realities in the classroom, and adopting new methods and tools. Except for the teacher transferring knowledge to the classroom, the student has a role to play and to enable students to be creative, motivated and learn how to involve and use science, mathematics and technology in real situations.



The team is responsible for the newWERD project