Meeting 2 Italy

Transnational meetings


Organization of 3 day International meetings in the topic of STEM. The meeting will be supplemented by the presentation of examples of practical activities. It will provide a basis for further project activities. A detailed program of the activities will be clarified during the first meeting of the project team. This will be an opportunity for participants to take part in activities organized by partner organizations, get to know the mechanisms and ways of working, to explore a chosen aspect of cooperation. At the same time, participants will have the task of selecting the most interesting initiatives implemented by the host organization.


  1. June 2018 (Italy). After the preparation period and after realization of two training/teaching/learning activities we would concentrate on the activities that have to be undertaken for evaluation of the results, also we would discuss for third Training/teaching/learning activities. In the middle of the process, the coordinators will check on the ongoing of the project and evaluate the process of the project, solve difficulties and discuss further procedures to improve methods and plans.


Agenda (click here)